Knightly Order of the Fiat Lux
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FGC Games & Activities

Goblin warrior. Artwork by Joe Justice.

The 2016 Games & Activities
Let the "Cheating for Charity" begin!

Halfling thief. Artwork by Joe Justice.

Anachronistic Tea
We are officially welcoming all entities from other times and places with an afternoon tea at 3 PM. By popular demand, we are adding a second tea: Elevenses at 11 AM. We are asking for a $7 donation for those who wish to share in the deliciousness. Space is limited.

Charity Auction
Games, gear, one of a kind items, and something cute. All for a good cause.

Dungeons and Dragons 3.5: Dangerous Shores
The mountain fort of V'Drago is an outpost at the edge of the new foothold in New Thoronser. It is the greatest of five settlements, but there are troubles from within and without. You are fresh from the coast looking for work or coming to the Fort at the bidding of a higher power. Will you help stabilize the area, will you look to better your life with gold, or are you here for more nefarious reasons?

Grand Tournament of Challiston
The Annual Grand Tournament of Challiston will be held at the FGC. Contests shall include horse racing, feats of arms on foot upon the lyst field, and an archery compitition. The tournament shall culminate in a noble joust in the Bretonnian fashion. All in glorious 28mm! New Champions join the tournament this year.

Kick Down the Door
Live in front of of the Charity Auction audience, it's the Munchkin based game show: Kick Down the Door! Contestants will be chosen randomly from the audience. Fabulous Prizes!

KOFL Steel Combat Demonstration
Saturday and Sunday, we will be fighting with blunted steel swords in the hot hot sun while wearing armor. Why? We love to fight! Also, you can laugh when we get smacked in the head.

Kill the Monsters. Steal the Treasure. Stab your Buddy. It all for a good cause. Cheating for Charity rules will be in play and I'm sure the MIB will have a few surprises lurking. Also, we will be playing other Steve Jackson Games and showing demonstrations of new games.

Join deranged mutants and crazed outcasts as they hunt for treasure! No, not the knights, the warbands of Mordheim! Join us for this classic Warhammer Skirmish game. You can bring your own models or just show up and play.

No Ordinary Gamers
No Ordinary Gamers is an organization dedicated to demoing and introducing card and board games to people across the Carolinas. They will be showing off games from Atlas Games, AEG, and many other companies.

Introduction games and Pathfinder Society games are scheduled throughout the FGC. Also, we will be playing the classic 'We be Goblins!'

Retro Video Game Museum
This is your chance to play those classic video games from when your were a kid (or college student). We have NES, SNES, Genesis, Dreamcast, N64, and PS 1 & 2. The list of games is too long to list here. Tournaments are sure to be breaking out as well (Classic Mario Cart or Marvel vs. Capcon, anyone?).

Role Playing Games
In addition to Pathfinder and Dangerous Shores, we will be having GURPS, 5th Edition D&D, 2nd Edition D&D, Pendragon, and I'm sure we will be breaking out some other RPGs as well.

Sir Ed's Wunderkammer
Sir Ed has spent a lifetime gathering random stuff. Now it will be on display for your enjoyment. Sir Ed has also packed his real adventuring pack as per the Player's Handbook. Does it all really fit? Can you really cary it? Find out with this hands-on display.

Sir Greg's Gambling Den of Inequity
Saturday Night after the Pub Quiz, the Den opens for Three-Dragon Ante, Munchkin, Poker, Red Dragon Inn, entertainment, and other late-night fun. We will be offering food and soft drinks as well.

Tabletop Miniature Gaming
Throughout the day, we will be running pick-up games, unusual historical war games, skirmish games and our unique in-house games. And the Dr. Who game will be returning again this year!

X-Wing It's not a trap! Once again we will be playing X-Wing. Are you skilled enough to survive the asteroid field? Bring your fleet, a few ships, or just show up: We'll have challenges and introduction games.